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Our Audacious New Direction!

In the finest tradition of Horace E. Dodge, Jr. we have decided to boldly turn the DBOA ship in a new direction. Our efforts have resulted in a more streamlined, efficient, and effective way of communicating with our fine group of owners, and our new Dodge Boats podcast is a wonderful, conversational medium that we hope you will enjoy. Our new model is simple: No membership fees will be charged, and this website and associated activities like the podcast will be supported only by sales of special Dodge components in our Boutique. We will maintain a list of current Dodge Boat owners, and continue to maintain and grow the DBOA archives. Owners can contact us to inquire about purchasing documentation data to support their specific model. Please go to ITunes to find the Dodge Boats podcast (just enter Dodge Boats in the search window), you can subscribe there and always be updated with the latest Dodge news!